Don't you just love to hate remote meetings?

Quit wasting your team's time and start facilitating meetings that matter.

Turn talking into traction and learn the system we have used to design and facilitate hundreds of meetings and retreats for Google, Shopify, DeepMind, Mozilla & more.

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Remote meetings are a challenge, but they don’t have to be a drag.

We're all familiar with the muck of remote meetings. Overstuffed agendas. Cringey silences. Distracted attendees.

You're no rookie. You have learned some things the hard way. But you know things could be better. Easier.

You've felt the magic of a smooth process executed confidently.

Because facilitation is a superpower.

The good news? You can learn it. And make it yours.

What do you need? A framework and some practice. Start here.

Facilitation Jumpstart is a self-paced course for people who want a framework to develop a facilitation superpower.

Alix's framework for facilitation turned 'Meetings' into manageable components that I actually felt I had agency over — and could think about addressing in systematic ways.”
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This self-led course is for you if:

You know facilitation is a super power but you don’t know how to build your skills
You feel like you're wasting $1,000s of dollars of staff time and precious team energy
You want to put strong facilitation skills into yesterday

By the end of this course you’ll know how to:

Design effective meetings that are people-centered and outcome-oriented
Manage remote space to generate energy and build alignment
Manage your mind to stay calm and in control no matter what comes up in your meetings

I honestly didn’t expect how big an impact the course would have on me. There’s something that has shifted in the way I hold the space and allow myself to not overthink.
What a wonderful experience.


Course and Coaching Student

Alix Dunn, your teacher

I have been facilitating remote meetings for 10 years. I used to get really nervous before big sessions. I knew how to lead groups in-person, but in remote conversations I had mixed results.

I started to worry that it was just going to be this way. That in remote sessions, some would be good and others would be meh. But then it hit me. There were a set of steps I took to prepare and manage every successful session.

I spent two years honing those steps, and I now have a system that helps me be forceful and flexible. Emergent and directive. Even in remote settings.

I don’t stress out two minutes before calls, overthink minute-by-minute scripts, or end up arranging new meetings to recover from failed ones.

Now I help others find the peace and power to help groups do amazing things together, even remotely.

6 Modules to take your facilitation to the to the next level

Meeting Dynamics

A series of common challenges in remote meetings (and how to deal with them).

Big Phases of Meeting Design

Good meetings have a before, during, and after.

Little Practices of Meeting Design

The little things that make good meetings great.

Towards Outcomes

Designing meetings to actually get stuff done.

Managing People

Tips and tricks to keep participants on track.

Managing the Mind

Calm facilitators lead magical meetings.

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Exercises to put your new techniques to work

A step-by-step meeting system

Mindset shifts that help you manage even the most stressful meeting moments

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[Facilitation Jumpstart] is a great crash course in facilitation and I would recommend it to anyone struggling to get the most out of meetings. I know our team will drive better decision making.


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