Facilitation jumpstart worksheet

Why complete this worksheet?

Now you’ve finished working your way through the modules of Facilitation Jumpstart, it’s time to get your lab coat on and start experimenting. This worksheet will help you form three experiments to apply techniques you’ve learned to your specific challenges and take action on them. After completing this worksheet, you’ll have started an ongoing practice of testing, reflecting, and learning as a facilitator.

How to complete this worksheet:

Open this worksheet and make a copy so you can fill it out as you go.

Start by identifying challenging dynamics and forming specific experiments to try.

Come back to reflect on what you’ve learned, and what you’ll try next.

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Worksheet Objectives:

Through going through this worksheet, you will:

Identify specific facilitation dynamics you find challenging and match them with new techniques you’ve learned to address them

Put your learning into practice within your own unique context, and experience what it’s like to try different techniques in specific situations

Build an ongoing practice of testing, reflecting, and learning as a facilitator

Time required: