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We have worked to make this site as simple as it can be to serve content and connect with you in the ways you explicitly want us to.

We use Plausible to see rough traffic data to the site and ConvertKit to manage our mailing lists. You can see the full data policy of Plausible here.

An overview of the Plausible policy:

We do not track people across their devices and across websites and apps that they visit. All the data is isolated to a single day, single website and single device only. There is no way to know whether the same person visits a site from more than one device or visits another website. See here the full list of what makes Plausible a privacy-first web analytics tool.

The goal of Plausible is to track overall trends in your website traffic, it is not to track individual visitors. We don’t use cookies, we don’t generate any persistent identifiers and we don’t collect or store any personal or identifiable data. All of the data that we do collect is aggregated data only and it has no personal information.

By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. We measure only the most essential data points and nothing else. All the metrics we do collect fit on one single page.