Remote culture team workshop

Why run this workshop?

With an hour of time, you can get a quick sense of what people on your team think and feel about your remote culture. Your team will crack open a challenging but important conversation and you’ll have ideas for what you might want to spend time changing over the coming months.

How to run this workshop with your team:

Open this worksheet and make a copy for your team

Read through the document to add and adapt it to your needs (feel free to adapt it into your platform of choice)

Assign a facilitator to lead the workshop

Decide when to hold the workshop and who should attend

Have questions? Email We’d love to help.

Session Objectives:

Through going through this workshop, your team will:

Better understand the way the team experiences remote culture (pain points and what’s working)

Pattern match and discuss as a group to see where there are priority issues you may want to work on

Collectively acknowledge the size and shape of the challenge and pinpoint opportunities for improvement

Time required:



Trainer: Alix (recorded training)

Facilitator: [assign a facilitator to guide the group through the workshop]

How to run the session step by step

Session & Segue

Get everyone familiar with the aims of the conversation to manage expectations


Tee up the session. We’re going to work through steps together to better understand what’s working and what isn’t in our teamwork. We’ll explore the 3Cs: coordination, connection, and collaboration. These categories can frame the conversation about what is working and what is not.

5 minutes

Map individual perspectives on where you are doing a good job and where people are struggling


Next, we’ll dig into each of the 3Cs for our team to identify:  

- Where are we CRUSHING IT in terms of remote culture?
- What feels UGH in our remote culture?

Share a link to the worksheet that you copied. Give participants 10 minutes to free write bullets in the first exercise table. (You can also run this as a post-it exercise)

Ask team members to start in the  “CRUSHING IT” column and then move onto things that are “UGH.” Once everyone’s ideas are up, ask people to scan the document and see if they notice patterns or themes.

20 minutes

Reflect on patterns


Start a reflection conversation about what they are seeing: What are they seeing repeated? What’s surprising?

5-10 minutes

Imagine what it would look like if it were working well


It’s time for FUTURE PERFECT!
What would the future perfect state of our remote culture look and feel like? Move to the second table in the exercise document. Instruct participants to write as many bullet points as they can in the time allotted, using the following prompts:
I would feel ____
It would be easy for me to ____
We could_______

10 minutes

Reflect on patterns


Start a reflection conversation about what they are seeing in the FUTURE PERFECT table. What are they seeing repeated? What’s surprising?

5 minutes

Wrap up to build momentum to develop experiments


Wrap up with a celebration of where you are now and a discussion of how you’ll continue this work moving forward. If the mood feels good, try a concluding go round asking for one word about how this made them feel. [After the session: Try and capture key themes of the pain points, ideas to take forward, and experiments to try as a team.]

5 minutes